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Who am I and what do I do?

ikkeBesides being a photographer, I edit images for other professionals and assist several photographers, and give advice about color management.
I’ve been working in the field of photography since 1992, starting off as an assistant, later moving on to photography. I have used various types of camera from 4×5″ View Cameras to modern Digital SLRs.
Having used Photoshop since version 3, and working professionally during the transition from analogue to digital, I know how fast technology can change. Therefore I strive to keep myself informed on the various hard- and software used in digital imaging. I also like to keep up with new developments, both on the software and hardware side.

On my website, you can see various samples of my work. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to contact me to make an appointment.

Software, Hardware and all that…

At this moment in time, the differences between different brands of cameras have become very small. It’s more about skill than about equipment used. For those who like to know: I own a Canon 1DMk3 and have used both medium and large format digital. I do my processing on a MacPro with calibrated Eizo Cinema Display, using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Capture One or whatever else is needed to get the job done as good as possible.

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René Damkot | Timorstraat 1 | 7512XG Enschede | 06-45488517 | e-mail

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