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It wasn’t exactly a surprise…

Yet it still throws up a shitstorm in the photographic community: Adobe goes subscription only. No Adobe CS7, we get Adobe CC instead.
Except, I won’t. Not for as long as I can help it anyway.


I’ve always had the policy of updating my software when it had benefits for me or when I had to. I’m in this business to make a living, not to spend money on gadgets I do not need. I only need PS and LR…
So I went from PS6 to PS CS2 mainly because I switched from Mac OS9 to OSX. PS7 and PS CS at the time had no benefits for me, so I never bothered with those.
I upgraded again when PS CS4 came out: a better raw converter, more options for 16bpc images, and a better user interface.
My last upgrade was from CS4 to PS CS6 Extended: again a vastly better version of ACR and again a much improved user interface.
PS CS5 performed worse on OSX 10.4 then PS CS4 (1 GB less usable Ram) and had little benefits for me over PS CS4, so I didn’t bother with that one either at the time.


I keep on paying for as long as I use it. Not much wrong with that, right?
Since I tended to skip quite a few versions, the CC model would obviously cost me more: same thing as being forced to upgrade every version (which Adobe was doing since December anyway, after they first tried that with the introduction of PS CS6, but then got hit by another shitstorm).
But a bigger problem is this: if I ever decide I don’t need it anymore, unlike the the current “perpetual license” I don’t have a working piece of software that I could even re-sell to recover some of those expenses. The price you pay for staying current? I think not. This is more like the bleeding edge of technology. And you won’t have another option if you want to use the latest versions.

Other drawbacks

Some other things I don’t like about it:
It needs to connect to the internet either every 30 days or every 99/180* days. Murphy dictates that that day will be the day when I have a deadline to meet while also my internet connection fails. Paranoia? Maybe, but I don’t like the possibility.
It’s not a “subscription”, it’s a lease: even after paying Adobe for years, you are left with nothing once you stop paying.
And call me paranoid again, but I remember too many bugs being introduced by various updates that I like to keep an old, working, version of Photoshop on my Mac, to get by if all else fails.

Maybe later

I can still use my “legacy” PS CS6. Even 5 years from now. When it will still perform just as well as it does today. Will I miss out on new, improved ™ features? Sure.
Will I miss them? I don’t think so: Just like I could get by without most of the “automagic” content aware stuff in PS CS6; that was not why I bought it.

So I think I can get by without Smart Sharpen, Intelligent Upsampling, Camera Shake Reduction, Editable Rounded Rectangles and even the new Adobe Camera RAW 8.
At least until I’m forced to upgrade because my hardware or version OSX is no longer supported, or a later PS CC version adds something that makes the monthly fine fee worthwhile.

*: Both are mentioned in the Faq, so I’m not sure, and apparently, neither is Adobe .

Edit: Adobe says the deal might get better for photographers

There’s also a petition you could sign.

Edit 2: Actually, I see a small, short term advantage: in the old model, I would have had to upgrade to PS CS7, even though it offered nothing I needed, or pay full price for PS CS8 when it came out (assuming that would have advantages). So in practice, that would probably mean buying PS CS 7 just before PS CS8 was introduced, taking advantage of the “grace period” to get a free update.

So I say “Thanks Adobe, for disburdening me of a bit of quite careful planning, somewhere around mid 2014”!

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One Response to “Adobe CC”

  1. Pieter Huizinga Says:
    July 14th, 2014 at 11:21

    I couldn’t agree more. Unlike you, I diligently updated when a new major release came out, but PS CS6 and LR5 seem to be the end of the line for me. That’s fine, it works well for me and on my (old) kit. So as long as I don’t purchase new kit (and even then if possible) I’ll stick to these trusted tools.

    While as an IT guy I can see the merits of cloud-based software, I simply can’t afford the price tag attached to subscription-based software. And I hate it to be pushed, I resent that and become obstinate automatically.

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