Firefox 3.5.1

and LUT profiles

In my previous post, I wrote about Firefox 3.5 “better wait for version 3.5.1”
That version was released today, and I’m sorry to say, It still has its problems:
For one thing, it still doesn’t support ICC V4 profiles.
For another, by default it color manages like Safari does: Wonky: Only images with embedded profile are managed. So you could get problems as described on this page: The image looks different from the background.
On my Mac, it didn’t. What the heck? I hadn’t changed it from the default setting…
No matter what I set in the “gfx.color_management.mode”, it looked like the thing kept managing everything (except when setting “0” off course). No way to get the images on that page to look different from the background. “Here be dragons” indeed.

But wait, there’s more

The background looked different from the background of the same page opened in (fully colormanaged) Flock 2.5. In fact, the background looks like the page opened in Safari. Yet there was no change on the images with and without profile. Another “what the heck”? I’d already checked that images with embedded profile were color managed… Read the rest of this entry »

The world wide web

and color management

A lot of people are confused the first time they save an image for web display: The image looks different in a non color managed browser then it did in Lightroom or Photoshop. One “solution” was to view the image in Photoshop like it would appear in a non color managed application, by going View > Proof setup > Monitor RGB. This would show you how the image would look in a non color managed application on your screen. Still a guess what anybody else would see though, since you’re seeing the difference between the monitor profile and sRGB…


A much better option would be for everybody to browse color managed.
Up until recently, most browsers were not color managed. Safari changed that, and was the first color managed browser for PC. Internet Explorer had provided a color managed browser for Mac OSX before that, but it is discontinued now.
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